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What we offer

Full Stack Project Delivery

Event Driven provides comprehensive project delivery from both business and technical perspectives. We provide proposals, estimates, project blueprints, project management, technical architecture, blended consulting and in-house staffing, development, testing and support. You can be confident in completely outsourcing your project to our team.

Our senior staff focuses on three areas of expertise, defined below, and we seek projects in those areas. Our experience is strictly in open source development, with a concentration in Java. However, we do integrate with commercial packages when required and have a variety of other language skills including Groovy, C/C++, Python and Perl. We have worked on traditional delivery platforms and cloud environments.

Senior Consultants

Members of our permanent staff each have over 20 years in technical IT leadership and are available to supplement or lead your team on your most challenging IT projects. We follow a consistent methodology that produces a detailed project blueprint, which is the most valuable asset from the Discovery phase. We can work with your existing team and make recommendations for approach, timeline and resources.

Our consultants are available at competitive rates between $90-125/hr, depending on the duration of the project. Projects that are completely outsourced to our team are estimated and billed by deliverable with clear acceptance criteria. Our goal is to set expectations clearly and communicate status often. We typically work in 2 week sprints with monthly deliverables.

Strategy & Architecture

Event Driven has a light weight and thorough process for assessing projects and providing a blueprint for delivery. The blueprint includes estimates, work breakdown structure, project roadmap, application architecture and a staffing model. This is the core artifact that will serve as our communication tool over the course of the project. Transparency is our priority.

We have derived this approach from dozens of engagements, and it reflects our experience in delivering projects on time and under budget. It is an organic document that will evolve each sprint to give an accurate snapshot of progress and remaining deliverables. We take the best of the start-up mentality and apply it to your corporate programs.

Data & Code Transformation

One of the most daunting challenges of a modern IT shop is to stay current. As new languages and platforms are defined, companies scramble to preserve their assets by moving them to more supportable and dynamic frameworks. Automation is often a crude and inneffective approach to this problem and manual ports are very time consuming and expensive.

What is required is automation that benefits from intelligent design. We use an approach of detailed pattern analysis and high powered translation tools to limit the amount of manual coding and optimize the power of automation. Our consultants are experts in leveraging parsing utilities and have worked on several custom transformation projects.

Navigating The Cloud

One of the tech industry's hottest growth areas is cloud computing. Event Driven is leveraging our architecture experience and AWS training to drive best practices around cloud native development. Security, scalability and cost management are key success factors.

While many call cloud-enabled applications after a simple lift-and-shift effective cloud development, we see native cloud architecture as essential in capitalizing on the new paradigm. It takes expert level knowledge of AWS and a lifetime of application architecture experience to get the most from the platform.