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Some Recent Projects

Raspberry Pi
Recipe Engine

The Raspberry Pi turned out to be the perfect economic platform to deploy a Groovy based recipe management engine at a popular health food restaurant. As a cheap $50 addition to expensive POS hardware, the Pi acted as a filter on recipe chits, converting them to customized recipes managed by a central database.

The solution took 5 months from conception to completion and was driven by our architect and senior developers. The project included an intranet based database management console that employees used to manage ingredients and base recipes. The Pi would calculate modifications to the recipes based on customer requests.

DevOps Planning

DevOps maturity has become a key factor for successful software teams to meet the challenges of rapid fixes and frequent releases. Event Driven has defined an abstract workflow for the tools required to automate the entire process including testing, code validation, provisioning and deployment.

We recommended an open source implementation of the workflow for a large telecom client struggling to have better visibility and control around their development processes. They were able to mature their environment in a relatively short time. The system is adaptable enough to allow for manual or automated controls between each integration point.

Game Driven
Game Driven

Game Driven is a self organizing social site where members play casual games to earn credits to purchase clothing and furniture items for their virtual world. Players form colonies with their friends and enjoy virtual communities. The beta launch of the site featured 300 paying members.

We filed a patent for self organizing social gaming sites and are still using the technology developed on the project as an ORM tool. We have a library of 20 games including backgammon, chess, poker, scrabble and a variety of custom games. We are working on moving the application to the cloud. We are looking for partners, so let us know if you're interested!

Put Price Graph
Portfolio Management

Financial derivatives, such as stock options, are potent investment vehicles because of leverage. Hedging takes advantage of the multiplier effect by serving as insurance for an outcome for the cost of a premium payment. Another common strategy involves buying an option at one strike price and selling at another strike forming a spread.

Computing the theoretical price for a spread can be expensive. Event Driven software solves the underlying mathematics on the GPU instead of the CPU for a speedup of twenty times. Strategy triggers automated trading directly to the stock exchange via RESTful web services.

SAN Optimization
Storage Optimization

Optimizing storage area networks (SAN) with machine learning of dynamic loads can greatly increase performance. High throughput devices are typically expensive. Logically attaching these assets to applications under the highest demand can be challenging if there are large consumption fluctuations over time. For example, financial transactions can peak during different parts of the day or in response to world markets.

Event Driven devised SAN management that can reconfigure on the fly. The software employs genetic programming that both decreases costs while improving overall performance of a data center.

Code Transformation
Code Transformation

A large insurance company was saddled with a website developed by offshore resources who did not follow best practice coding standards. In order to make the site supportable, thousands of lines of code needed to be rewritten.

Event Driven did some code analysis using profiling tools and deep dive technical reviews. We proposed a low tech translator that would do search and replace fixes to over 95% of the problem areas. The remaining anomalies were easily identified in an IDE and folded into the rules engine. The effort saved our client 6 months of hand coding and was a repeatable and reliable transformation.