1015 Jordan Lane
Alpharetta, GA 30004

An agile approach keeps projects on target

Tech-savvy managers bring thought leadership

The simple solution is often the best one!

Strategy & Architecture
We provide technical assessments, planning documents and our custom blueprint to kickoff a new project or to rearchitecture an existing application.

Data & Code Transformation
Efficient transformations benefit from our combination of automation tools and custom analysis that reduces manual coding and ensures accuracy.

Cloud Computing
Event Driven leverages our architecture experience and AWS training to drive best practices in cost management, security and scalability for the cloud.

Business Practice

Event Driven has contributed on large projects with Fortune 500 companies, small startups and everything in-between. The approach may vary in terms of process and artifacts, but the strategy for success is universal. Define, Plan and Execute.

Team Work

Our senior staff has trained, hired and led high performance teams for over 3 decades. We have deep hands-on experience working directly with colleagues whose skills complement each other. Assembling the right team is always a critical success factor.


Project delivery requires creative problem solving, tech-savvy managers and the ability to adapt to rapidly changing business requirements. Our agile team wears the battle scars from dozens of large and small scale projects to make informed decisions and reduce risk.